English Mission Statement

            Following the Principles of Education of St. Joseph Calasanz, we believe that education is the most effective means towards the reform of society, and that the education given to a child should prepare him to face life with competence and dignity.  While we expect the best from our students, we strive to give them something more than an ordinary education. Therefore, our school is like a workshop where our children learn in a precise and self-controlled way to live in faith, to respect others and to have high expectations as to their cultural and spiritual life. At the same time, we educate our students in freedom and we give them the opportunity of living a Christian life and creating a Christian community.

            Aware of the importance of learning English, our English school curriculum is constantly updated. The syllabus of each level, organized from kindergarten to the last year of secondary school, enhances our learners’ competence in skills that will eventually lead to better results, giving our students the possibility of getting international certificates after sitting for exams granted by the University of Cambridge.

            As regards compulsory primary and secondary school English, our students have proved successful at sitting and passing the CLE national exams.  Sixth and seventh form students sit the CLE CIP; and secondary school students the CLE CIC , CLE CIL and CLE CIE exams.   As from 2017, third year students will have three extra hours of English per week, which will be devoted to General Knowledge (Literature, History, Science and Geography).

            With reference to extra curricular English classes, the school provides those parents who wish their children to have a higher and more qualified level of English with an alternative option. Extra curricular English lessons are held twice a week and are available as from kindergarten. The students are organized according to their level of English, and the curriculum aims at empowering students to become confident, responsible, innovative and committed. Our project also develops learners´ speaking, listening, reading and writing skills in English and is based on the Council of Europe´s Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR), used across the world to map learners` progress in English. 

            As of 2017 our students will sit the Cambridge University Exams, KET, PET and FCE,  highly valuable at the time of working and studying abroad.

            Since last year, by way of recreation and in order to show our students´ parents how our children learn every day, the General Knowledge Competition was established. During said contest, the students are divided into four colour groups and compete while engaged in familiar exercises and games. Enthusiastic parents, identified with their kids’ colour, support and encourage them, cheering and celebrating their achievements.

            Next year, we will start our International Exchange Student Programme. Our first group will travel to Devon Preparatory School in the United States of America, where they will spend three weeks with a host family, attend classes and visit neighbouring cities.

            We believe our students have plenty to learn and a lot to offer to make our world a better place. Every day we start and end our classes with a prayer. We believe that “the best of life can be expected for one who, from his most tender years, has been educated in learning and piety”, so we encourage our students to know God, to know themselves and to find fulfillment.